Who We Are
EcoGreen Technologies Private Limited ("EcoGreen Technologies" or "The Company"] was established in 2003. A thermal management engineering company, EcoGreen Technologies is a one-stop shop for customers Looking for all kinds of thermal management products, solutions and related accessories.

The company's core businesses lie in thermal design and solution, and research and development. Using the Latest state-of-the-art technology, thermal software simulation, the company is one of the Leading companies which is able to provide
effective solution to any thermal problems.

With presence in both regional and international market, EcoGreen Technologies has its head office located in Singapore to render unsurpassable support in areas of customer service care, regional and international sales and marketing, design, research and development as well as smaller scale production.

The company's manufacturing facility is located in China. The plant caters to
Large volume production of an extensive range of thermal management products. EcoGreen Technologies believes in transferring cost savings from operating efficiency to the customers, thus enhancing product and service value.


The Shanghai Plant


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Our Commitment to You

"At EcoGreen Technologies, we only deliver quality products and unparalleled services."

EcoGreen Technologies is committed to providing the clients with the most efficient thermal design solution and products. With the latest state-of-the-art technology in
design and manufacturing, the company is able to conceptualise and develop the most efficient thermal solution.

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Our Expertise
"With the exponential emergence of new electronic devices in the market, continued research and development to increase thermal management efficiency of existing electronic products as well as to cater to the increasing thermal management needs of new gadgets is paramount."

Research and development is one of EcoGreen Technologies's core businesses. ALL staff are carefully selected and highly trained. Besides the production of the full range of thermal management products- Stamping Heatsinks, Extrusion Heatsinks, Bonded fins Heatsinks, Heatpipe lntegrated Heatsinks, Coolers (Fan Heatsink] and many others - the company also specialises in Original Design Manufacturing [ODMI of thermal management parts to meet special requirements of certain products, and Life
Test of such parts and include conduct Life test set-up of thermal product.

Using the Latest manufacturing technology and process control system, EcoGreen Technologies is executed to ensure adhere to stringent production standards to ensure that all outputs are of the highest quality cost effective products. With the use of thermal software simulation, customers can now expedite product design and launch with greater savings as it cuts down analysis as well as prototype manufacturing and testing time.

EcoGreen Technologies also has a global manufacturing and sales network to support customers in any electromechanical products and procurement services.

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Why Choose Us
- Original Design Manufacturer (ODM)
- Product design capability
- Manufacturing capability - Stamping,Extrusion Fabrication, CNC Machining,Brazing,

   Soldering, Epoxy Bonding,Assembly, Anodizing & etc.
- Large volume production
- State-of-the-art design and manufacture technology
- Value added services
- Global network
- One Stop Shopping Source (extensive selection of thermal management products)

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Our Products
- Thermal Management Products:
  Stamp Heatsinks, Extrusion Heatsinks, Bonded Fin Heatsinks, Heatpipe lntegrated

  Heatsinks, Heat Exchanges, Liquid Cooling Heatsinks, Thermo Electric Cooling


- Accessories: Insulators, Double- Sided Tape, Thermal Greases, Thermal Conductive

  Epoxy Bonds, Gap Pads, Thermocouples etc.

- Fan: DCIAC.

- Heating Element, Steam Boiler.

- Other Electro-Mechanical Products:
  Coils, Transformers, Fasteners, Precision Turn Parts, Micro Stepper Motors,

  Solenoids, Die Casting Parts.


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Our Services
- Thermal management consultation from simple device heat solution to systems

   integration thermal solution

- Simulate and analyse prospective solutions with the Latest technology (thermal

   analysis report and trial samples included)

- Procurement Services

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